Skills competition

Four skills events at the skills competition.

1. speed skating, one lap per player relay. Amazing these kids can skate so fast.

2. Pylon Relay  over,under,over and around what balance.

3. pylon breakaway around three pylons then shoot on net. Lotsa snipers in this one.

4. Shootout. amazing the kinda tricks the kids will try!!!

once again the kids had a blast, the competitive juices flowing. Everyone put in a good showing.    


Game Day

Skates sharpened, stick taped, words of encouragement spoken!

Whats left to do, CHEER!!!!  GO TOMAHAWKS!!!!!  


Minor Novice Playoffs

Well the round robin round is over, what an exciting time for the parents and kids. Balancing the the thrill of victory with the agony of defeat. As a parent I find myself absorbed by the play on the ice,  and I too must find a balance between taking it all to seriously and over analysing everything. For me the realization of what it’s all about comes when the helmut and skates are off, and as we drive home, I listen as he excitedly  talks about this play and that pass. I realize its all about memories and having fun.